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How to use "BOT Editor" that needs to create a BOT and the procedure to create a concrete BOT are posted.

Description of terms

BOTRefers to a robot that execute tasks in order.
BOT EditorRefers to the screen that is used to make a BOT.
Virtual browserRefers to the browser that is displayed on the BOT Editor screen, which is used to create a BOT.
PageRefers to the web page to be operated.
TaskRefers to one operation that a BOT executes.
DataRefers to the data that a BOT uses during operation.

BOT Editor's side menu

This section explains the actions you can perform via the side menu.

  1. New: Create a new BOT.* 1
  2. Save: Once the task is recorded, it becomes selectable. This saves the task and settings of the BOT. * 2
  3. Set: Open the setting page of the BOT.
  4. Share: Allows you to share an open virtual browser. You can share your with anyone by sharing the URL. * 3
  5. Guide: Open the guide.
  6. Exit: Exits the BOT editor.
  7. Minimize the side menu.
  8. The operating time of the virtual browser. * 4
  9. Move the task cursor.
  10. Record browser operations. Press the button again to cancel.
  11. Execute while requiring the task's screenshot. Press the button again to cancel it.
  12. Start: Set the input value.
  13. Recorded task.
  14. Task Cursor: Refers to the current position of the task.
  15. Finish: Screenshot settings and BOT will be saved.
  16. Data Viewer: Enables viewing of stored data.
  17. Breakpoint: Facilitates setting breakpoints for tasks, executing up to the breakpoint. For setting instructions, click here. *5
  18. Other Task Options: Provides configuration for additional settings. Clicking displays the items.
  19. Enable/Disable Breakpoint: Disabling bypasses breakpoints during task execution.

* 1 The currently open BOT will be closed without being saved when you create a new BOT.
* 2 Only on the first save, you can edit the "Email Notification Settings" on the editor. This setting can be changed at any time from the BOT details. See "Email Notification" to know more about how to edit it.
* 3 The virtual browser is synchronized in real-time with the sharing partner (displayed as "receiver"). Only the BOT owner can operate the virtual browser.
* 4 "The virtual browser is stopping." is displayed when the virtual browser is stopped.

* 5 Breakpoints function solely within the BOT Editor and have no effect during BOT execution.

How to use BOT Editor

Introducing how to use "BOT Editor", which is used to create a BOT.

The operations that you perform on the "Virtual browser" in the BOT Editor, or on the "Page", are automatically recorded as "Task". And, the value that you input is also automatically stored as "Data".