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About repeated processing (loop processing) in Cloud BOT

In Cloud BOT, repeated processing can be performed by using group data.

What is "group data"?

Group data refers to a collection of data in a chart. Group data can be imported from Excel or CSV. You can automatically process multiple data in a chart at once.

Perform repeated processing using group data

Procedure for using group data

  1. Insert the created group in the tasks, by clicking [Use a group] on the group.

2. The operations recorded in the group inserted in the tasks are repeated for the number of the group data at the time of execution.

Regarding taske execution in groups

Clicking "Next" at the end of a group moves the task cursor to the beginning of the next cycle. Additionally, setting a breakpoint and clicking "Start" runs tasks up to the set breakpoint.
* For information on setting breakpoints, click here.
* The current cycle number is displayed in the upper left corner of the task group.

Introduction of specific usage examples

Usage example overview  

Introducing the procedure for repeated processing using the group data prepared in advance. This section explains how to create the BOT that repeats the product registration for the number of data by using the prepared group data.

Overall operation flow  
  1. Create group data (Create group data using data viewer. Refers to "Use Data Viewer: Add new group data")
  2. Record the operation to log in.
  3. Use the group data created in 1 in the task.
  4. Record the operation to register products.
  5. Repeat the operation recorded in 4 for the group data created in 1.
  6. Name the BOT, and save.
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