This is a Roundup website about Cloud BOT documentation.
Cloud BOT is a cloud RPA that enabled browser automation with no-code.
It's also possible to connect to external services in real-time by using iPaaS.


How to create a BOT

How to use "BOT Editor" that needs to create a BOT and the procedure to create a concrete BOT are posted.

  • Description of terms
  • How to use BOT Editor
  • How to make a concrete BOT
 How to create a BOT

Basic manual

This is the basic manual about how to use Cloud BOT.

  • User Guide
  • Cloud BOT Agent User's manual
 Basic manual


Introducing the connection procedure with each iPaas.

  • Zapier
  • Power Automate
  • Integromat

API Reference

Introducing how to call a BOT as API.

  • Cloud BOT API Reference
 API Reference


Introducing whitepapers.

  • Security whitepaper