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App overview

Retrieve multiple records from any app.

Extended Feature URLcbot-extension://cloud-bot:kintone:get-records:1
ProviderExtension : Cloud BOT official
kintone : Cybozu, Inc.
External communicationYes

Screen description

Input screen

kintone app information settings

Domain name

Specify a domain name.


App ID

Specify the app ID.

Example> 6

Guest space ID

Specify the guest space ID. If the specified application belongs to a guest space, it must be entered.

Example> 3

Authentication method

Select the authentication method.

Password authentication: Authenticate using your login name (user account) and password.
API Token Authentication: Authenticate using the app's API token.

* Click here for about API Token Generation.
* If multiple API tokens are used, specify them separated by commas. Click here for more information

Field retrieval settings

App name

The application name is displayed.

Retrieval fields

Specify the fields to retrieve. The number of fields to be retrieved can be increased or decreased by clicking the Add and Delete buttons.
* Click here to learn more about field entry rules.

Record retrieval settings

Retrieval conditions

Specify fields, conditional expressions, and values as acquisition conditions.
* For more information on acquisition conditions, click here.
* Click here for information on input rules for fields and operators.

Result screen

The retrieval is complete.

Results are displayed.

App nameThe application name is displayed.
Number of retrievalsThe number of records retrieved is displayed.
ErrorWhen record retrieval fails, the error message is displayed.
Error DetailsDetails of the error are displayed.
RecordsThe values of the retrieved fields are displayed in table format.

About retrieval conditions

Retrieves records that match the retrieval conditions. Acquisition conditions can be increased or decreased by clicking the Add or Delete button.
* All specified conditions must match.


Specify the fields.


The following operators can be selected. The operators available depend on the field you specify.

・= (equal to)
・≠ (not equal to)
・≤ (less than or equal to)
・< (less than)
・≥ (greater than or equal to)
・> (greater than)
・includes any of
・does not include any of
・does not contain

See below.


Field equal to not equal to less than or equal to less than greater than or equal to grater than includes any of does not include any of contains does not contain
・Record number
・Record ID
・Created datetime
・Updated datetime
・Date and time
・Created by
・Updated by
・Check box
・Radio button
・User selection(Login name)
・Department selection(Department code)
・Group selection(Group code)
・Text area
・Rich text
・Lookup * The operator used as the field type of the lookup source remains the same. Click here to learn more about lookup fields.

* On the kintone side, it is necessary to enable Worker , Status and Category.
* Attachments, Related records, Field group , Category, and Table do not appear in the conditional settings.


Specify a value.