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App overview

Add multiple new records to any app.

Extended Feature URLcbot-extension://cloud-bot:kintone:insert-record:1
ProviderExtension : Cloud BOT official
kintone : Cybozu, Inc.
External communicationYes

Screen description

Input screen

kintone app information settings

Domain name

Specify a domain name.


App ID

Specify the app ID.

Example> 6

Guest space ID

Specify the guest space ID. If the specified application belongs to a guest space, it must be entered.

Example> 3

Authentication method

Select the authentication method.

Password authentication: Authenticate using your login name (user account) and password.
API Token Authentication: Authenticate using the app's API token.

* Click here for about API Token Generation.
* If multiple API tokens are used, specify them separated by commas. Click here for more information

Input fields settings

App name

The application name is displayed.

Input fields

Specify the Input fields. The number of fields to be retrieved can be increased or decreased by clicking the Add and Delete buttons.
* Click here to learn more about field entry rules.

Adding record settings

Value of each field

Enter a value for each field.

Result screen

The addition is complete.

Results are displayed.

* If an error occurs, further processing is aborted.

App nameThe application name is displayed.
Number of addictionsThe number of records added is displayed.
Number of addiction errorsThe number of failed record additions is displayed.
Number of skipsThe number of unprocessed cases interrupted by error handling is displayed.
Added record keysThe key of the added record is displayed.
ErrorWhen record retrieval fails, the error message is displayed.
Error detailsDetails of the error are displayed.