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What is Workato

Workato is a tool that automates tasks by connecting different web services and applications. Such services are called iPaaS (integration platform as a service).

Workato is the enterprise iPaaS market leader, with extensive business features such as server redundancy and strong security for large-scale operations. It provides connectors that connect with more than 1000 types of applications (as of April 2022), and while they are simple to operate, they also support the automation of complex logic such as conditional branching and loop processing.

Apps created by combining services within Workato are called recipes, and connectors are configured with triggers and actions. A trigger raises the event set in the action.

* Workato is a paid iPaaS. As of April 2022, a 30-day free trial account can be issued ( The contents explained in this manual can be set and verified with a free trial account.

Preparation for connecting with Workato

In order to connect with Workato, it is necessary to enable external connection of Cloud BOT.

Trigger and Action

This page explains how to configure triggers and each action of Cloud BOT within Workato.

Connection examples

Each page explains how to create a connection recipe example.