Preparation for connecting with Workato


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External connection setting on Cloud BOT

In order to connect with Workato, enable the external connection of Cloud BOT.

1. Login to Cloud BOT, then click "Connect" on the side menu.

2. Turn on the "External Connections" switch.

The external connection is enabled, and the BOT to connect list is displayed.

Enabling Workato

Click the [Enable] button next to Workato displayed in the "Connectable Apps" list.

*To enable the connection with Workato, you need to register your company name or personal name in your contract information. If you cannot click the "To enable" button, please register your company name or personal name from the "Contract Information" link.

ID(client ID) and secret key are issued. Take a note of it in a text editor, for example, as it will be used to create a connection.

BOT to connect

From the "BOT to connect" list, turn on the switch of the appropriate BOT.
 *Only bots with external connection enabled can be referenced from Workato.

*If you want to turn on the connection settings for newly created BOTs automatically, turn on "Automatically enable the connection with newly created BOT."

The connection setting is complete.

Connection setting with Workato

In order to link with Cloud BOT, Workato link settings are required. Log in to Workato service and configure the settings.

Installation and release of the Cloud BOT connector

1. Click "Community library" on the side menu.

2. Select "Custom connectors" from the top navigation bar and type "Cloud BOT" in the search form. Click the displayed "Cloud BOT" connector.

3. The following screen is displayed. Click the "Install connector".

4. In the dialog, click the "Accept and install" button to install the connector.

5. The following screen is displayed. Click the "Release latest version" button.

6. In the dialog, click the "Release" button.

The following screen is displayed, and the Cloud BOT connector is released. You can use the connector by releasing it.

How to create the connection

A connection can be created from a project.
*You can also create it in the recipe creation process.

1. Select "Connection" from "Create" on the created projects.

2. Search "Cloud BOT" in "Search for an app" and select it.

3. Set Connection name、Location、Client ID、Client secret*, and click "Connect".
*For Client ID and Client secret, use the ID (client ID) and secret issued when Workato is enabled in the cloud BOT external connection settings. Refer to here.

4. You will be asked to sign in to the service.
*Skip this step when you have already signed in to the service.

The connection setting with Workato is complete.