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This is the first screen to transition from the login screen. In Dashboard, you can perform simple operations.


You will be alerted for Agent extension notifications, maintenance work notifications, failure information, and more.

Recently created BOT

Recently created BOTs are displayed (up to 5 BOTs).

On this screen, you can easily perform BOT-related operations. These can also be done from [Main Menu] > [BOT].

Show a BOT

The red frame in the image indicates 1 BOT. Here you can check the BOT icon and name. Click to display the BOT details screen.

Execute a BOT

Clicking the [Start] button executes the BOT manually.

Create a BOT

Clicking the [Create BOT] button creates new BOT.

Show a BOT List

Click the [More details] button to move to the BOT list page, which is transitioned from [Main Menu] > [BOT].

Usage Reports

You can check the storage usage status and this month's BOT execution time.

On this screen, you can easily perform usage reports-related operations. These can also be done from [Main Menu] > [Usage Reports].

Free extension for BOT execution time (When the upper limit is reached)

When the BOT execution time reaches the upper limit, the [Time charge for free] button will be available. Clicking this button to extend the BOT execution time for 10 minutes.

Usage Reports Details

Moves to the [Main Menu] > [Usage Reports] page. You can view the usage reports details.

Virtual browser

On this screen, you can easily perform the Virtual browser-related operations. You can also perform these operations from [Settings/Management] > [Virtual browser].

Show a Virtual browser

The red frame in the image indicates 1 Virtual browser. Here you can check the type and name of the Virtual browser. Click to display the Virtual browser details screen.

Open a Virtual browser

You can open a Virtual browser by clicking the [Open browser] button.

Create a Virtual browser

Clicking the [Create Virtual browser] button creates new Virtual browser.

Informations & Topics

The latest announcements & topics are displayed in order. It is scrollable. Click "More details" to display the screen where the notification & topics list is displayed.

System Alerts

Displayed when there is a system alert. Click to move to the system alert details screen. By pressing "More details", you can move to the page where the system alert list is displayed.

Example of Warning

  • It will be displayed when the BOT fails to start, or when event hooks are disabled by the system.

Global Menu

It is a guide menu to the main contents. Moves to the pages which belong to the Main Menu and the Settings/Management. Refer to respective pages about each contents.

You can fold the menu by pressing the caret.

Upgrade a Plan

Go To [Contract Info] > [Change plan] page. You can change your plan.


The document site will open in a separate window.

Product Page

The product page will open in a separate window.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy will open in a separate window.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar at the top of the main screen, such as the dashboard, allows you to switch contracts and manage accounts.

You can open/close the global menu by pressing the leftmost hamburger button.

Switch the Contract

If you belong to another contract as a "member" (if your account has multiple contracts), you can switch between them using the navigation bar. Refer to "Members" for details.

Account Management

The email address registered in the cloud BOT is displayed in the navigation. Clicking the email address to display menus such as account settings.

Account Settings

You can make settings such as account settings, password changes, language changes, and account deletion. Refer to this page about account settings.

Contract Information

You can see the contract information. You can change the plan and registration information. Refer to this page about setting the contract information such as changing your plan.

Verified mail addresses

You can add or delete verified email addresses. Click here for more information on setting up a verified email address.


A notice list is displayed. It is the same as the page that transitions from the [More details] button on the dashboard.

Contact Us

The contact form is displayed. Enter the necessary items and click the [Send] button.


Log out from the service.