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App overview

Create the CSV file.

Extended Feature URLcbot-extension://cloud-bot:csv:create:1
ProviderCloud BOT official
External communicationNone

Screen description

Input screen

Step 1

Header row

Specify the header row. Refer to this page about a header row.

* Leave blank if the header row is not necessary.

Data starting row

Specify the row to start writing. Refer to this page about a data starting row.

* Specify the data starting row.

Number of columns

Specify the number of columns to create.

Number of rows

Specify the number of rows to create.

Step 2

Column name

Enter the column name.

You can increase or decrease columns by pressing the Add / Delete buttons.

If the header row is left blank in Step 1, Alphabets are assigned to each column name and you cannot enter these column names in Step 2.

Step 3


Input data to add. You can increase or decrease data rows by pressing the Add / Delete buttons.

* [Link elements and rows] function is useful to paste group data.

File name

Enter any file name.

Character code

Specify the character code.

Line feed code

Specify the LF code.


Select whether to add a line feed code at the end.

Result Screen

Press the Download button to download the file.