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App overview

Execute any BOT using the access token. To use it, the contract must have External Connections enabled.

"Operation Procedure for Cloud BOT App Using Access Token"

Reference the list of BOTs and obtain the BOT execution endpoint for the target BOT.

Use the BOT execution endpoint to execute the BOT. Obtain the Job reference endpoint from the execution results.

Use the job reference endpoint to refer to the detailed information of the job.

Extended Feature URLcbot-extension://cloud-bot:cloud-bot:execute-bot-using-credentials:1
ProviderCloud BOT official
External communicationYes

Screen description

Input screen

Request options

Access token

Specify an access token.

* The "Execute" privilege must be granted to the access token to be used.

Secret key

Specifies a secret key.

BOT execution endpoint

Specifies a BOT execution endpoint.
* The BOT execution endpoint can be obtained via "View BOT list (Using access token)".

Callback endpoint (Optional)

Specifies the callback endpoint.

Number of callback attempts

Specifies the number of callback attempts.

Input data settings

Input data

* Click here for information on the format of input data values.

Result screen

Bot started executing

Displays the results of the start of BOT execution.

* For asynchronous execution, the execution result is returned immediately upon the start of the BOT execution. The response code, status code, and status will reflect that the operation is in progress.

* The Job reference endpoint is used in "Refer job (Using access token)".

Please refer to the API reference for each item.