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App overview

Request to process with ChatGPT and display results.

Extended Feature URLcbot-extension://cloud-bot:ai:request-chatgpt:1
ProviderCloud BOT official
External communicationYes
*This application communicates with OpenAI's API.
*This app is open to the public for free as a beta version. Specifications and fee structure may change in the future.

Screen description

Input screen



Specify the processing content and processing rules to be requested to ChatGPT.


Specify the data to be processed by the prompt.


Specify the temperature for the responses from ChatGPT.

*This parameter adjusts accuracy and diversity. Lower temperature increases accuracy, while higher temperature increases diversity.


Specify the language model of ChatGPT.

Result screen

Request Result

The result of the request made on the input screen will be displayed.

[About Tokens]

Tokens are the smallest units into which ChatGPT divides text, including words, punctuation, and symbols.
The total number of tokens for the request content (prompt and data) and the result is limited to 4000 tokens.
For example, if you use 3000 tokens for the request content, the result will display up to 1000 tokens of text.
If the result tokens are insufficient, the generated text may be cut off.
You can measure the number of tokens using the tokenizer provided by OpenAI.

Usage Examples

UsagePromptExample Input DataExample Output Result
CalculationOutput calculation result10*10100
Date CalculationOutput the date 10 days later in the same format2023/4/12023/4/11
Excluding CharactersRemove symbols$3535
Keyword ExtractionExtract up to 5 keywords with tagsCloudBOT is a fully cloud-based RPA service. You can create and operate robots that perform browser automation in the cloud. It is compatible with multi-devices and can be used from smartphones, tablets, and PCs.1.CloudBOT
2.RPA service
3.Browser automation
4.Multi-device support
5.Smartphone, tablet, PC
TranslateTranslate English to JapaneseCloudBOT is a fully cloud-based RPA service.CloudBOT is a fully cloud-based RPA service.
Generate Test DataGenerate 5 Test Data in CSV Format
Last Name, First Name, Age, Prefecture, Email Address
Tanaka, Taro, 25, Tokyo,
Yamada, Hanako, 30, Kanagawa,
Suzuki, Jiro, 40, Osaka,
Sato, Misaki, 20, Hokkaido,
Takahashi, Kenta, 35, Aichi,
Data ExtractionExtract Email AddressLast Name: Tanaka
First Name: Taro
Age: 25
Location: Tokyo