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What is Zapier

Zapier is a tool to automate your task by connecting one web service or application with another. This kind of integration services is known as iPaaS(integration Platform as a Service).

Zapier has garnered an overwhelming share of iPaaS, and connectable to more than 5000 web services and applications.
In addition to many services such as slack and Google, Zapier supports a lot of business-using services and widely used in the business scene.

In Zapier, Zap is an automated workflow that connects apps and services together, and it is consists of a trigger and an action. The action event will be performed when the trigger event is triggered.

Connection setting in Zapier

In order to connect with Zapier, it is necessary to enable external connection of cloud BOT.

Trigger and action

This page explains how to set up Cloud BOT triggers and actions within Zapier.

Connection examples

Each page explains how to create a connection Zap example.

Connection templates for Zapier

You will be redirected to the connection template for Zapier page (separate window).