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App overview

Show the data of the Excel(xls) file in a table.

Extended Feature URLcbot-extension://cloud-bot:xls:view:1
ProviderCloud BOT official
External communicationNone

Explanation of the screen

Input screen

Step 1

Excel file

Select the Excel file to display as a table.

Step 2

Sheet name

Select the sheet name of the selected file.

Target table position or range (optional)

This option allows you to specify a range of cells to target. If not specified, the target is the entire sheet of choice. Refer to this page about a targeted table position or range.

* If the same header exists, they are displayed in order from left column to right.

Header row

Specify the header row. Refer to this page about a header row.

* Leave blank if the header row is not necessary. An alphabet is assigned automatically for a column name.

Data starting row

Specify the data starting row. Refer to this page about a data starting row.

Step 3

Target table range

The target table range is displayed.

Number of data rows

The number of data rows included in the target table range is displayed.

Data row to start showing

Specify the data starting row to display.

* The specified "Data starting row" will be the first row.
* The negative number indicates that the row numbers are to be counted from the end of the data.

Number of data rows to showing

Specify the number of data in the displayed row.

* If you enter a value that exceeds the number of data to be displayed, all the data to be displayed will be displayed.

Specify column order (optional)

If you want to limit rows to display, specify the column name. Columns are displayed in order in which the names are specified, from left column to right. You can increase or decrease columns to be displayed by pressing the Add / Delete buttons.

* If multiple columns have the same name, they are displayed in order from left column to right.
* If not specified, all columns are displayed.

Display format

Specify the display format of numbers and formulas from "formatted value" or "raw value". Refer to this page about raw value.

Date format

Specify the date format.

Time format

Specify the time format.

Result screen

The data in the file will be displayed in table format.

[ Display processing]

For files with a large amount of data, an error may occur due to a timeout (*) in the display processing.

In that case, the loading can be reduced by the following method.

  • Specify the display format as "raw value".
  • Specify the column order and the range of the number of data rows to be displayed

*Display processing will result in a timeout error in 29 seconds.