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What is Yoom

Yoom is a tool to automate your task by connecting one web service or application with another. This kind of integration services is known as iPaaS(integration Platform as a Service).


Yoom is a Japanese iPaaS tool that automates operations using various SaaS and AI APIs.
Since Yoom is a Japanese-made service, it can be integrated with many domestic SaaS such as kintone, freee, Chatwork, etc. with no code.

Another unique feature is the ability to create semi-automatic workflows that combine manual responses such as approvals within a workflow, as well as the ability to create custom databases within Yoom, allowing the use of APIs for various services with the information in the database.

Preparation for connecting with Yoom

Describes the settings for both services that are required to connect with Yoom.

Trigger and action

This page explains how to set up Cloud BOT triggers and actions within Yoom.

Connection examples

Each page explains how to create a connection flow bot example.