Notifying by Gmail when BOT execution ends


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Creating a scenario

Create a scenario that uses the BOT execution of the Cloud BOT as a trigger and notifies the execution status by Gmail when the BOT execution ends.

Cloud BOT(Watch BOT Done)
Retrieves the BOT execution result when a BOT has executed completely.

Gmail(Send an email)
Email the BOT execution status.

Setting Cloud BOT

1. Click [Create a new scenario].

2. Click [+] icon and type “Cloud BOT” in the search box to locate it.

3. Select the trigger Watch BOT Done.

4. Select [Webhook] then [Connection]. Refer to this page about setting values.

5. Click [Run Once] to confirm the behavior.

6. Execute the BOT on the Created BOT website.

7.If you can confirm the execution result on Make, the trigger setting is complete.

Setting Gmail

1. When you mouse over the icon on the right side of Cloud BOT, "Add another module" is displayed. Click [Add another module] to add a new module.

2. Type "Gmail” in the search box to locate and select it.

3. Select [Send an email].

4. Select or type [Connection], [To], [Subject], [Content].

The Gmail authorization request screen will be displayed. Check the terms of use and privacy policy, then click the [Allow] button.

5. Now the connection scenario is created. With [Run Once] confirm the behavior.