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VersionSupportedRelease dateAdditional features
5.0.02023/04/17Module updates and security updates.
4.0.42023/02/13Fixed some smaller bug about Virtual browser.
4.0.32022/10/12Fixed some smaller bug about Virtual browser.
4.0.22022/07/13Fixed a bug that the file copy task may fail when executing BOT.
Fixed a bug that "Browser Language" in BOT settings is not reflected correctly in the virtual browser.
Fixed a bug that web pages may not be displayed correctly in the virtual browser when BOT recording is started.
Fixed the error display when an unexpected alert occurs during BOT execution.
4.0.12022/04/12Cumulative update on Virtual connector.
4.0.02022/03/15A new Virtual connector function is now available.
3.0.02022/01/12The automation of file opperations is now supported.
2.1.22021/10/11minor change.
2.1.0-2021/08/18Browsing mode has been implemented.
2.0.0-2021/06/09Addition of functions required for future version upgrades
1.1.0-2021/05/12minor change
1.0.0-2021/03/24First edition

*Unsupported versions may no longer be available online.