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Release dateAdditional features
2024/05/29We have released version 2 of the virtual browser extension app, "Request to ChatGPT"
2024/05/20we added a feature to the BOT editor that allows users to move the end position of a condition up or down and change the range of the condition.
2024/04/12Virtual browser extension function has been released.
- PDF / Extract text
2024/04/10Virtual browser extension function has been released.
- kintone / Retrieve record,Retrieve multiple records,Add record,Add multiple records,Update record,Update multiple records,Add or update record,Add or update multiple records
2024/03/26Added task to export and import cookies.
2024/03/18In the BOT editor, a feature to set breakpoints in any task has been added.
2024/02/28Added additional types of BOT icons.
Implemented a feature where the BOT icon is randomly auto-selected during BOT creation.
2024/02/20The selector editing feature has been added.
The BOT icon selection feature has been added.
2024/02/02Added a feature to send alert emails when the monthly BOT execution time exceeds the threshold.
Virtual browser extension function has been released.
- Utilities / JSONPath
2024/01/23Virtual browser extension function has been released.
- HR datawarp / Execute project
2024/01/10The BOT editor function has been upgraded.
2024/01/10Virtual browser extension function has been released.
- Cloud BOT / Execute BOT,Refer Job,Execute BOT (Using access token),Refer Job (Using access token),View BOT list (Using access token)
2023/12/07Added a feature to save "Input data" and "BOT internal data" of the BOT to the execution log.
Added a log level that allows outputting "Output errors and debug logs" to the execution log.
2023/11/01Virtual Browser supports access using client certificates.
2023/10/18Virtual browser extension function has been released.
- API Integration / Request to REST API
2023/10/18In the virtual browser extension, we have updated some of the apps.
- Extract text from image or PDF (AI-OCR) (Beta Version)
2023/09/13Virtual browser extension function has been released.
- Read barcodes from image,Create QR code
2023/09/05Virtual browser extension function has been released.
- Authenticator(QR code),Authenticator(Secret key)
2023/08/22In CSS selectors used to specify target elements, we have added the ability to reference data values.
In CSS selectors used to specify target elements, support for jQuery's extended selectors is provided.
2023/06/29A "Copy the screenshot" function has been added.
File renaming when copying files is now supported.
Brushed up some UI.
2023/06/08Added ability to output BOT logs.
Enhanced script task functionality.
2023/05/31We have released kintone plug-in "Cloud BOT Linkage" (ver 1.1.0).
2023/04/25Adding Packages/Apps to Virtual Browser Extensions.
- AI/Request to ChatGPT (Beta version).
2023/03/10Fixed a bug related to the Cloud Virtual Browser.
2023/02/14Brushed up some UI.
2023/02/06Fixed some smaller bug about Cloud Virtual browser.
2023/01/24Fixed minor bug in the BOT editor.
Fixed minor bug in the console.
2023/01/23Enhanced the integration with Power Automate.
- Added actions for file linkage (Upload / Upload File, Download / Download File).
- Improved the input interface for existing actions.
2023/01/19We have released kintone plug-in "Cloud BOT Linkage"
2023/01/10Enhanced the bulk deletion function for execution logs.
Added the setting function for mail notification.
Changed the setting of event hook (notification) from per-user to per-contract.
Renewed the member management screen.
2022/11/21Cumulative update on Cloud BOT service.
2022/11/16In this time, we have enhanced the Workato linkage function.
- Added "Upload file" and "Download file" actions for file linkage.
- Improved the input interface of existing actions to more user-friendly.
2022/11/14We have renewed the dashboard design.
- Changed the design of the dashboard to make it easier to use.
- Implemented BOT tag management function.
- Addied advanced search function for BOT lists and execution logs.
2022/10/18We have strengthened the link function between Cloud BOT and Make (formerly Integromat).
- Added modules "Upload File" and "Download File" for file linkage.
- Improved the input interface of existing modules.
2022/10/03Virtual browser extension function has been released.
- CSV - viewer, add data row, create new.
- Excel(xlsx) - viewer, add data row, create new, add sheet.
- Excel(xls) - viewer, create new.
- Text - character code conversion, line feed code conversion.
2022/08/25Added the types of events that can be hooked (when BOT execution success, when BOT execution error, when BOT startup failure).
Added Mailhook to callback type. It is now possible to notify an email address when an event occurs.
Enable to check the event hook callback status from the execution log.
2022/07/06The following issues that occur when using a cloud browser have been fixed.
Fixed a bug that the file copy task may fail when executing BOT.
Fixed a bug that "Browser Language" in BOT settings is not reflected correctly in the virtual browser.
Fixed a bug that web pages may not be displayed correctly in the virtual browser when BOT recording is started.
Fixed the error display when an unexpected alert occurs during BOT execution.
2022/05/31The BOT editor function has been upgraded.("Multiple text" has been added to the data type.The type of data created when recording operations for check boxes etc. is "Multiple text”.)
2022/05/10Cloud BOT API now supports file upload / download.
2022/04/19iPaaS Integration with Workato is now available.
2022/03/15Enhanced BOT functionality
2022/02/16Fixed an issue where Google Chrome became unstable when scrolling on some screens when operating the BOT editor using Google Chrome on a Mac.
2022/01/12The automation of file opperations is now supported.
2021/08/18Browsing mode has been implemented.
2020/10/21Support 2-Step verification for cloud BOT login
2020/10/12Implemented a task to execute any scripts in the browser
2020/09/23Implemented conditional branch function
2020/07/28Added "Create a value" function in BOT task
Fixed some smaller bug
2020/07/02Added a function to specify days of the month in schedule function
2020/06/29Implemented external connect function
2020/06/19Implemented additional group data function
associated UI has been modified
Fixed some smaller bug
2020/05/19Added get meta-information acquisition API. Contract information acquisition API, BOT LIST acquisition API, BOT detailed information acquisition API
Added REST Hooks API. BOT subscription API, BOT unsubscription API, BOT subscription list acquisition API
OAuth2.0(RFC6749) was supported
2020/04/13Launch of official service
Started providing paid plans
Implemented task scheduler function
Implemented member management function
Implemented BOT concurrent execution function
Improved B-BOT editor
2020/03/03The launch of beta version
Compatible with serverless
Fixed some smaller bug in BOT editor
2020/02/12Optimized the system for official release
2019/12/27A step execution in BOT editor is available
2019/12/25Optimized the operations to start recording the BOT editor
Add a function to change permissions of API access tokens
2019/12/16Implemented API function
2019/11/28Optimized the group detection method of BOT editor
2019/11/26Limited the communication port for BOT editor only TCP443
2019/11/13Fixed a problem data setting functions can not be used when the input value whose initial value was disabled
Fixed a problem that the screen not be displayed correctly when scroll up or down on a vertical page
Improved a processing that bot will keep running when the browser closes
2019/11/08The launch of alpha version