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VersionRelease dateAdditional features
1.3.02024/02/15- Added support for writing output data of the BOT to a new "Lookup" field.
- Added "append mode" as an update method when writing BOT output data to a table.
- Added "Disallow viewing BOT execution screen" to BOT execution configuration options.
- Polished up the settings screen.
1.2.02023/09/22- Added "update" and "create & update" as storage methods when storing BOT output data in kintone.
- The storage destination for BOT execution results is now configurable.
1.1.02023/05/31Newly added support for writing BOT output data to "Link," "Calculated," "User selection," "Department selection," "Group selection," and "Assignee" fields.
Added "Revision" and "Record ID" as properties that can be referenced as input values for the BOT.
Added functionality to hide the display related to BOT integration on the detail screen when the execution timing is exclusively through Webhook.
1.0.02023/01/19Original Version